Julia Weichselbaum April 16, 2024

Purchasing a home is one of the most crucial financial decisions you'll ever make. It involves careful financial planning and strategic decision-making.  We are here as dedicated advocates who ensure your path to homeownership is well-planned, secure, and successful. Here’s how we can assist you through each phase:

  1. A Foundation for Success Our knowledge of the local real estate market, built on years of hands-on experience, puts you in a commanding position against competing buyers. We equip you with strategic insights and timely data that allow you to navigate and stay ahead in the ever-changing market. Our average broker has 27+ years of helping buyers like you purchase real estate-we are really good at it! 

  2. Your Perfect Home Utilizing the right technology and local broker relationships, we grant you access to a selection of properties that align with your specific desires and necessities. This service ensures that your search goes beyond the ordinary, helping you to discover a home that truly resonates with your vision and lifestyle, while maintaining a competitive advantage.

  3. Advocating & Negotiating on Your Behalf  We are adept in the nuances of negotiation, with a solid grounding in property valuation and contract law. We focus our efforts on securing the most beneficial terms for you, safeguarding your interests, and minimizing potential risks. Our goal is to maximize your investment and negotiage solely on your behalf. We take our fidicuiary duty very seriously at Legacy 100. 

  4. Navigating Challenges The road to buying a home often presents unexpected hurdles, from financing requirements to unexpected delays at closing. With our combined expertise and professional acumen, we guide you through these challenges, finding effective solutions quickly and ensuring your home buying process remains as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our managing broker has almost five decades of experience and has seen it all. This experience and guidance is crucial in an unusual circumstance that may require creative solutions. We have seen and done it all to help buyers cross the finish line. 

  5. Personalized Advice Beyond just finding and acquiring a property, we provide ongoing, personalized advice to help you make informed decisions throughout the entire process. Whether it's understanding market trends, evaluating property potential, or helping you find a great plumber after closing, we are here to support your every need.

It would be our honor to lead you through the intricate process of finding and securing your dream home. Call us today!

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