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Moving with Pets in Denver, CO

July 7, 2024

Relocating to a new home can be daunting, and when you have pets, the complexity increases significantly. Denver, Colorado, known for its pet-friendly environment and outdoor lifestyle, offers numerous opportunities and considerations for those moving with furry friends. This guide provides practical tips and insights to ensure a smooth transition for you and your pets. For professional assistance, consider partnering with Legacy 100 Real Estate Partners, Denver Brokers & Realtors, who can help you find the perfect pet-friendly home.

Pre-Move Preparation

1. Visit the Vet

Before moving, schedule a vet appointment for your pets. Ensure their vaccinations are up to date, obtain copies of medical records, and discuss any concerns about the move. If your pet gets anxious during travel, your vet might prescribe a mild sedative.

2. Update Microchip and Tags

Ensure your pet’s microchip information and ID tags are updated with your new address and contact details. This is crucial in case your pet gets lost during the move.

3. Familiarize Your Pet with Moving Supplies

Pets can get anxious with unfamiliar items around. Gradually introduce moving boxes and other supplies to your pet’s environment to reduce stress.

Finding a Pet-Friendly Home in Denver

Denver is known for its pet-friendly communities, but finding the right home requires careful consideration. Legacy 100 Real Estate Partners, Denver Brokers & Realtors, specialize in helping pet owners find homes that accommodate their needs.

1. Research Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods

Denver offers several pet-friendly neighborhoods, such as Capitol Hill, Washington Park, and the Highlands. These areas are known for their parks, pet-friendly establishments, and welcoming communities.

2. Consider Home Features

Look for homes with features that accommodate pets, such as fenced yards, nearby parks, and pet-friendly flooring. Legacy 100 Real Estate Partners can provide listings that match your criteria.

Moving Day Tips

1. Keep Pets Secure

On moving day, keep your pets in a secure, quiet room or a pet carrier. This prevents them from getting underfoot and ensures their safety amidst the chaos.

2. Maintain Routine

Try to stick to your pet’s regular feeding and walking schedule as much as possible. Familiar routines can provide comfort during the upheaval.

3. Transporting Pets

When transporting pets, ensure they are comfortable and secure in their carriers. For long-distance moves, make frequent stops for water and bathroom breaks.

Settling into Your New Denver Home

1. Gradual Introduction

When you arrive at your new home, introduce your pets to one room at a time. Allow them to explore and get comfortable before giving them access to the entire house.

2. Set Up a Safe Space

Create a designated area with your pet’s favorite toys, bedding, and food. Having a familiar space can help reduce anxiety during the adjustment period.

3. Explore the Neighborhood

Denver is full of pet-friendly parks and trails. Take your pet for walks to explore the new neighborhood and help them acclimate. Popular spots include Washington Park, City Park, and Cherry Creek State Park.

Denver’s Pet-Friendly Amenities

Denver boasts numerous amenities catering to pets and their owners. Here are some highlights:

1. Pet-Friendly Parks

Denver has several off-leash dog parks, including Railyard Dog Park and Berkeley Lake Dog Park. These parks offer ample space for your pets to run and socialize.

2. Pet Services

Denver offers a variety of services to keep pets happy and healthy, from grooming salons to pet daycare centers. Notable options include Urban Dogg and The Green Paw.

3. Pet-Friendly Dining

Many Denver restaurants and cafes welcome pets on their patios. Check out The Watering Bowl, a bar and grill that caters to dog owners with a large, fenced-in yard.

Partner with Legacy 100 Real Estate Partners

Finding the perfect home in Denver for you and your pets can be challenging, but with the right support, it becomes much easier. Legacy 100 Real Estate Partners, Denver Brokers & Realtors, specialize in helping pet owners navigate the real estate market. Their expertise ensures that you find a home that meets all your needs, including those of your furry family members.

Why Choose Legacy 100 Real Estate Partners?

  • Extensive Knowledge: With a deep understanding of Denver’s neighborhoods, Legacy 100 can recommend the best areas for pet owners.
  • Personalized Service: They offer tailored services to match your unique requirements, making the home-buying process smooth and stress-free.
  • Pet-Friendly Listings: Legacy 100 provides access to a range of pet-friendly properties, ensuring you find a home that welcomes all family members.


Moving with pets in Denver, CO, can be a smooth and enjoyable experience with the right preparation and support. By following these tips, you can ensure a seamless transition for your furry friends. Remember, finding the perfect pet-friendly home is crucial, and partnering with experts like Legacy 100 Real Estate Partners can make all the difference. Visit Legacy 100 Real Estate Partners today to start your journey to a new, pet-friendly home in Denver.


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