Julia Weichselbaum March 29, 2024

This is our first in a series about neighborhoods and areas in Denver & Surrounding suburbs. RiNO is such a fun place to visit in the spring, it seemed the perfect place for our first. Enjoy!

RiNo: A Street Art Scene & Foodie Adventure in Denver

Welcome to RiNo, Denver's coolest kid on the block! Once an industrial area, it is now a sprawling canvas of street art, buzzing with cafes, breweries, and shops. Walking through RiNo is like diving into a live-action art museum. But RiNo isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s a literal feast, too. Let's go on a tour through this vibrant neighborhood, and the must-sees, must-eats, and must-shops along the way.

The Murals & Street Art

RiNo's street art is the heart and soul of the neighborhood. Start your adventure at the epicenter of creativity during the CRUSH WALLS festival, where walls and alleys turn into an artist's playground. But don't worry if you miss the festival; the art here is always on display and ever-changing. Snap a selfie with the giant, kaleidoscopic "Love This City" mural or wander down Larimer Street to spot works by local and international artists.

Grub Time in RiNo

All that art-gazing is bound to work up an appetite. For dinner, try The Greenwhich. Unlike any place in town, their creative menu is sure to be a hit with everyone in your party. If pizza is more your style, grab a slice (or a whole pie, no judgment here) at Cart-Driver, known for its wood-fired pizzas and fresh oysters. Delicious Japanese food in a restaurant that feels more like Tokyo, Osaka is a must visit for anyone as obsessed with Japanese food as we are. 

Craving something sweet? The Heaven Creamery  is the place to go for fun and seasonal fare. 

Shop 'Til You Drop

RiNo is also a treasure trove for shoppers looking for something unique. Check out the Denver Central Market for a mix of local artisan goods, from fresh produce to handmade jewelry. And if you're on the hunt for some cool, local art to take home, pop into RiNo Made for everything from prints to pottery, all crafted by Denver artists.

Nightcap, Anyone?

Wrap up your day with a visit to one of RiNo’s hip bars or breweries. The Infinite Monkey Theorem is an urban winery with a laid-back vibe, perfect for winding down. If beer is more your thing, Our Mutual Friend Brewing offers an excellent selection of craft beers in a cozy, friendly setting.

RiNo is more than just a neighborhood; it’s an experience. It’s where art meets urban living, where every street corner tells a story, and where there’s always something new to discover. So come hungry, come thirsty, and come ready to explore. RiNo awaits!

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