Shop Locally: Broomtail

Julia Weichselbaum May 10, 2024

We are starting a new series on the blog that will focus on local shops & charities you should know about! The first post is about Broomtail, possibly the cutest store in Denver. It is so special when my kids get something from this store. I leave feeling good about spending money locally in such a happy store, and they are excited about the clothes/books/toys we have found. Opened in 2020 in Washington Park, Broomtail opened a second location in Congress Park.  Both feel more like an adventure than a shopping trip. I know you will agree! Go buy something for a child in your life- it will not disappoint! 


 At Broomtail, shopping locally takes on a special meaning. This cherished children's store in Denver, locally owned  and passionately operated, serves as a cornerstone for the community, offering a thoughtful selection of clothing  for children up to size 10. Each piece of apparel is chosen not only for its style but also for its ability to stand up to  the rigors of play and growth.

 Supporting Broomtail means more than just finding great outfits for your kids—it's about sustaining a business that values community and personal connection. The benefits of shopping locally are immense, ranging from boosting the local economy to creating jobs and fostering a unique identity. When you shop at Broomtail, you contribute directly to the vibrancy and health of your community.

 Not in Denver? No worries- their online store is as adorably curated as their two Denver locations. Their online shopping option combines the ease of digital browsing with the commitment to local service. Whether you visit in person or online, you’ll receive the same warm welcome and personalized service that Broomtail is known for. If you are in Denver, they offer custom gift wrapping (with ever-changing seasonal wrapping paper options,) so it's the perfect place to stop on your way to birthday parties & baby showers. 

Explore the store’s collection from playful summer dresses to cozy winter coats, each piece reflecting the joy and simplicity of childhood. By choosing Broomtail, you’re not just dressing your children in adorable, durable clothes—you’re also weaving yourself into the fabric of your local community, supporting a business that gives back as much as it grows. Join the movement of mindful shopping at Broomtail, where every purchase helps shape the future of your community.





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