Spring Into Home Maintenance!

Julia Weichselbaum March 22, 2024

As the snow melts away and the first blooms of spring make their appearance, Denver homeowners know it's time to gear up for some essential home maintenance tasks. With our dry climate, there are several key areas to focus on to ensure your home not only looks its best but also remains in top condition. Here's your go-to guide for spring home maintenance in the Mile High City.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Winter can be harsh on your home's exterior. Start with a thorough inspection of your siding, roofing, and windows. In Denver, the drastic temperature changes can cause materials to expand and contract, sometimes leading to damage or cracking. If you spot any issues, early spring is the perfect time for repairs. Enhance your curb appeal further by painting your front door with a new, bold color. Don't forget to check your outdoor lighting; make sure your home looks inviting and safe.

Plant Maintenance

Our plants are waking up, and it's time to give them the care they deserve. Begin by pruning dead branches and removing any debris accumulated over winter. For those with xeriscaped gardens, inspect your drought-resistant plants and mulch. Refreshing the mulch can prevent weed growth and help retain moisture in the soil, crucial for the health of your plants as we move into the drier Summer months.

Seal the Deal with Caulking

We joke that our closing gift should just be a huge box of caulk- it can go a long way in keeping your home energy efficient and sealed. Inspect the caulking around windows, doors, and any other areas that might have been compromised over the winter. The dry Denver air can cause caulking to crack and shrink, leading to air leaks and increased energy bills. A quick re-caulk can make your home more energy-efficient and prevent water damage from spring rains, if we're lucky enough to get them!

Gardening Goals

Denver's climate allows for a beautiful variety of gardening options. Early spring is the perfect time to start your vegetable garden or plant native flowers that thrive in our environment. Consider adding  Colorado native plants that are adapted to our specific soil and climate conditions, such as the Colorado Blue Columbine or the Rocky Mountain Penstemon. These plants will not only beautify your garden but also attract local wildlife like bees and butterflies. We have some wonderful local nurseries to get expert advice and buy your native plants, as well. 

Spring Cleaning

Inside the home, it's time to tackle those spring cleaning tasks. Focus on areas that might have been neglected during the colder months. Clean windows inside and out to let in that beautiful Colorado sunshine- the tracks can get pretty gross in the winter! Don't overlook your HVAC system; replacing the filter and scheduling a maintenance check can ensure it runs efficiently, keeping you comfortable as temperatures begin to rise. We have wonderful HVAC professionals to recommend if you need help. After decades of selling real estate in the metro area, we have some great referrals for any home repairs you need. 

Tackling these spring home maintenance tasks can enhance your living experience and protect your investment in Denver's dynamic climate. Whether you're caulking to conserve energy, gardening with native plants, or boosting your curb appeal, these efforts will ensure your home is ready for the season ahead. Happy Spring, Denver!

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